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Let's Talk Lace!

DECEMBER 14TH, 2021 · Written by Ivana Okaro


Learn all about lace types and determine which is most compatible with your preferences!


Brown (Swiss) Lace


Swiss Lace is known for its durability, making it very well suited for daily wear. Brown Swiss Lace can be tinted darker but cannot be lightened. This is recommended for deeper skin tones.

Transparent Lace


Contrary to popular belief... transparent lace is made of swiss lace! A plus of this lace type is that it can be tinted to any shade. It is well suited for lighter skin tones but adjustable for all tones.

HD Lace


HD lace is much thinner than swiss lace and less suited for everyday wear due to the risk of tears. It provides an almost instant blend and can be tinted to match any skin tone.




Best Melt?


The good news is you can achieve a breathtaking melt with ANY lace! A proper install matters much more than the type of lace used. Though a well-done install can create a brilliant illusion. . Lace is a MATERIAL, it will never be skin. If someone is close enough to spot the grids in your lace, they're too close!